In 2006 Ken Legg was invited to Zambia to conduct Grace Conferences for Pastors and leaders. He has since returned another five times to Zambia with David and Ros van der Vooren who are a part of the eldership team at New Beginnings Christian Church, Reedy Creek, Gold Coast, Australia.

Before attending many believe that they were cursed, that they must give monetary offerings to please God and that God’s blessings are conditional upon something they must do. This is religious bondage and legalism. In contrast, the message of grace sets them free! Faces light up as they learn righteousness consciousness instead of sin consciousness, God consciousness rather than demon consciousness.

Pastor Ken Legg explains. “Religion is basically what man is trying to do for God, but in the gospel of grace we discover what God has done for man through His son the Lord Jesus Christ. So … the Christian life is about discovering the riches of God’s grace available to us through His son. Many Christians don’t understand that so they live in spiritual poverty. Yet when we discover the riches of God’s grace … our lives are brought into victory and power and a wonderful sense of relationship with God”.

A pastor who attended our 2010 conference in Ndola wrote; “Our Church people are growing in the grace of God. When they give, they give out of Love and not because they are afraid of being cursed. I have seen that the Gospel is the Gospel of grace”.

Over the last 5 years, the conferences have established and equipped many hundreds of pastors to share the gospel of grace in Zambia and other African nations.

Over the years the conferences have been held at different centres including Lusaka, Livingstone, Mazabuka and Ndola and Kitwe in the Copper Belt. Attendances have increased each year to an average of 200 delegates at each conference. contact-lusaka

A recent development has been the establishing of DVD Schools of Ministry in various centres. These run for six months and focus mainly on expository teaching from various New Testament epistles.

In 2011 a kit church was sent in a container from Australia to Zambia and this was built in Lusaka as a New Beginnings Christian Church, under the leadership of Pastor Charles Banda.

The Prison

Another major part of the ministry in Zambia is that of preaching and teaching to prisoners. Each year Ken and team take a meeting at Kabwe Maximum Security Prison and have had the joy of seeing many inmates come to Christ.

The DVD School of Ministry is also being set up in some prisons.

New Beginnings Children’s Village – Home for orphaned and vulnerable children

A vital part of the ministry into Zambia has been the founding of a children’s home and development project, New Beginnings Children’s Village, in 2009, under the leadership of Pastor Kenny Bisha Goma. Pastor Kenny is the person who initially invited Ken to Zambia and is the pastor of New Beginnings Christian Church in Kafue.

The Australian commitment to New Beginnings Children’s Village is a long-term vision. “We envision many children being placed at NBCV over the coming years. The orphanage began with thirty children and we have room for expansion. Also, we will seek to meet all the needs of the children – e.g. physical, spiritual, educational and psychological,” said Pastor Ken Legg.

Initial works included the erection of a perimeter fence around the entire property (vital for security for our children), pit latrines, vegetable garden, installation of a water tank ensuring water all the year round, etc.

To give a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’ is the aim of all support channelled to NBCV. Projects such as the vegetable garden, fruit orchard, chicken run and a planned corn grinding service all help to make NBCV more self-sustainable. We give God all the glory for what has been accomplished through the compassionate giving of His people in Australia and other parts of the world. Our Australian operations manager, Ros van der Vooren and her team have worked tirelessly and diligently to ensure we do the very best we can for our children.