The Recovery Program is also known as… ‘The Identity Driven Life Recovery Program’.

The Identity Driven Life Program is an approach to full recovery based on us being already New Creations in Christ.

The program is primarily designed to help Christians find recovery from unresolved hurts. However, those from a non-Christian background may also participate in the program, providing they are comfortable with the strong biblical orientation of the program.

The program emphasises Identity based restoration for all Christians – Transforming The Heart by Renewing The Mind

“It’s not what you do that determines who you are, but knowing who you are that will determine what you do” (Ken Legg)

The program covers the following topics

  • Painful emotions – e.g. guilt, fear, depression, grief, etc.
  • Unresolved baggage from the past
  • Addiction and behavioural problems
  • Hurts from toxic relationships
  • Self-defeating thinking
  • The effects of spiritual abuse
  • And more…

What are people saying about ‘The Identity Driven Life Recovery Program’?

“This course is the most exciting course I have ever done. The depth of teaching and insights can’t help but transform your life.” Chris Grinham

“The recovery course has had a profound effect on my life in that it has helped me to understand completely what my true identity in God really is – which has been an amazing source of comfort during a most difficult time in my life. It has also helped to change old and totally incorrect thought processes and behaviour patterns.” Julie Eotvos

“This 10 step series has something for everyone. An inspiration forward on our journey to wholeness.” June Rowcliffe

“The identity-driven life program is so wonderful. I have been set free from so many things. The Lord has given me a revealtion of my identity.”Margaret

“This course is absolutley fantastic. It has helped me to know how to deal with the roots of every problem.” Patti Hudson

“This course has taught me to value commitment to a healing process and responsibility for my life in seeking identity in Christ.” Jonathan Foster

“This course has given me a deeper understanding of the truths and wisdom of God’s Word and reinforced my belief that ‘God has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.’ By establishing my heart in the grace of God I can live a victorious and wholesome life and be instrumental in helping others at the same time.” Carolyn Matthews

“Thank you for helping me understand grace.”

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For further information on this recovery program and to order the different packages for your church or group please phone Ken Legg 0407 571 938.