Faith People Series

1. God Witnesses to Faith  (click here)

Don’t confuse faith with presumption. Faith is our response to what God initiates on our behalf. In this first part of a series based on Hebrews 11, entitled Faith People, we look at the beginning of faith, i.e. faith for salvation. How does God bear witness to those who trust in the shed blood of Christ

2.  Faith wintess to God (click here)

God has never called us to be soul-winners. The term is not found in the New Testament. But He has called us to be witnesses. In this second part of the series ‘Faith People’ we look at two men who witnessed to God in their generations – Enoch and Noah

3.  Faith to Inherit (click here)

The believer’s inheritance is a major theme in the New Testament. Yet you hardly ever hear a sermon about it. In this third message in the series Faith People we look at a beautiful picture of our inheritance in the life of Abraham

4. Faith that Laughs at Impossibilities (click here)

In this fourth message in the series ‘Faith People’ Sarah shows us that genuine faith judges Him faithful who promised and opens the door for a miracle. Nothing is too hard for the LORD!

5. Faith that Stands the Test (click here)

When God asked Abraham to offer up Isaac this was the greatest test of faith. No one else has been asked to do this, or ever will. Of course God did not allow Abraham to go through with it and never intended him to do so. So what was the purpose of this test?

6. Long-term Vision in a Short-term World (click here)

We are a people of destiny and hope. Our lives bear fruit not only in our lifetime, but when we are gone too. In this sixth part of the series in Hebrews 11 entitled ‘Faith People’ we see how the patriarchs had a long-term vision in a short-term world.

7. Faith to Embrace a New Identity (click here)

There is nothing more powerful to affect change than to know your new creation identity. This is beautifully illustrated in the life of Moses who refused his Egyptian identity to embrace his true identity as one of the people of God. This is the 7th in Ken’s series in Hebrews 11 entitled ‘Faith People’

8. Faith in the Blood of the Lamb (click here)

The blood of the Passover lamb that was shed had to be applied to the doorposts of the Hebrew families to be effective. Likewise, the blood of our Passover Lamb, Jesus, was shed for the sins of the world. Yet we need to appropriate it by faith for it to be effective for us.

9. Faith to Posses Our Possessions (click here)

In the same way the Israelites possessed the inheritance given to Abraham, so we possess our possessions given to us in Christ – by faith. This is the 9th in Ken Legg’s series in Hebrews 11 entitled ‘Faith People’

10. Assurance is the Essence of Faith (click here)

Is assurance of salvation something which comes some time after we are saved, and in some cases not at all? This is what some teach. Is it Biblical? See what Ken Legg says in this 10th part in his series in Hebrews 11 entitled ‘Faith People’.

11. Faith to Overcome Rejection (click here)

Who was Jephthah and why was he driven out of his home by his brothers? Why did he make a foolish vow to God? These and other questions are answered by Ken Legg in this 11th part of the series in Hebrews 11 entitled ‘Faith People’

12. Faith to Conquer and Faith to Endure (click here)

The final message in Ken Legg’s series Faith people. Here we see that the same faith which enables some to conquer kingdoms empowers others to endure hardship.